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Wooden Staircase

Custom Stair Nosing

Bring your Vinyl SPC Flooring !!!

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How it Works?

You provide your vinyl SPC flooring and we can fabricate the square nose or rounded corner step.

The size will be: the long of your flooring normally 48" or 60" x the with of the floor minus 2' 1/2" that we use to bend or nose of the step.

If your flooring measures 7" x 48" the end size of the step will be 48" long X 4" 3/4" width 

If your flooring measures 9" x 48" the end size of the step will be 48" long x 6" 3/4" width

All this are approximate sizes 

Duration time for fabrication will take 2 Business days

Note: Not all waterproof SPC floors allow bending of the core

For Prices call: 305-735-2505


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Bring your Own SPC Vinyl flooring and  We can fabricate this step for you!!!

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