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Cork underlayment


12mm Cork Sheet Underlayment is the perfect easy installation accessory for any floor install. At 12mm thick, these cork underlay sheets provide the perfect underlay when in need to match up a new floor with an existing floor height. Cork underlay helps to provide warmth and comfort underfoot, while also helping with noise reduction. A favorite for condos and apartment associations, cork can be installed underneath wood, stone, tile, vinyl floors and more. The easy to manage size of each piece allows for easy transportation as well as making it perfect for any DIY level installer.

  • Material - This flooring is made from cork, which is harvested bark off of the cork tree.

  • The bark of the tree grows back for over 200 years and can be stripped every 9 years, making this product a truly renewable product.

  • Size - 24” x 36" sheet.

  • Thickness - 12mm.


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